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Helping You Go From Ordinary
To Extraordinary

About Jensen Creative

Ashley Jensen is a seasoned leader with excellent communication skills and a passion for creative problem-solving. He is an award winning artist skilled in leading creative teams in organizations of all sizes. Ashley has a unique ability to help businesses and churches recognize their unique DNA, what makes them different from anybody else, and then helps develop strategic solutions to communicate that uniqueness.

Our goal is to provide excellent and creative solutions to surpass our clients expectations.

Our process is to understand your unique goals and provide a custom solution to help you surpass those goals. With that in mind, we help narrow the focus to provide exactly what you need. We won’t be weighing you down with an expensive, bloated strategy that you don’t need. Instead, we will provide the solutions that will help take your communication to a new and exciting level! Our pricing varies and we can customize a strategy no matter how big or small your budget.


Creative Consulting

Ashley not only produces great design but is able to offer valuable input in the areas of creative consulting, marketing, & church growth. He is able to be a fluid part of your team without a long-term commitment.

Creative Coaching

Ashley can coach up your creative team to help brainstorm, develop, critique and produce the unique strategies that your organization needs. This includes graphic design, social media campaigns, digital marketing, video production, website design, and many other forms of visual communication.

Creative Consulting

Ashley has consulted with many organizational leaders to help turn their vision into a reality by creative problem-solving. He has a unique ability to interpret and build the dream of the leader by visually communicating an inspired and shared vision.